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6 rue des ibis 66700 Argelès sur Mer
6 rue des ibis 66700 Argelès sur Mer

The implant book.

The implant book

The implant book.

It is necessary to ensure full traceability of different implant surgeries element.

It has different sections for surgery until the installation of dentures on implants.

Initially it will allow to specify the dates of the implant surgeries. With frames to indicate the position of the implant and its position in the dental arch .Thus that different implantable materials :( menbrane, bio-filling materials etc) used the same day of the laying of your implants .

It will be shown the brand of implant, type or designation, the diameter, length, his nunéro lot and expiration date, possibly blocking force and screw means: Torque wrench or against angle.

Then come the dates of the various controls and observations at each stage of osseointegration.

Then when put in charge in two stages, the dates laid bare implants and diameters, heights and widths screws scarring with all absolutely essential traceability.

 Finally in step prosthetic, we can provide references of any fittings to perform the various prostheses according to the type of project selected. Thus appear coming prosthesis according to references and traceability pickup, duplicates implant, bases, inlays core, etc. And for elements attached directly to the implant appear torque of these prosthetic elements.

In the last part of the book will include dates and observations succésifs annual checks.


  • We must keep the implant book lifelong implants.
  • This passport is required to monitor and possibly the replacement of defective parts several years after placing the implant.
  • He is the only one that can be passed to any other practitioner, even abroad since it is a passport with all tags traceability of the different elements that make up the implant and prosthesis.
  • Brands of implants with numerous foreign subsidiaries, we always seem to find the pieces of hardware, at least in international brands of implants.
  • Today almost all brands have detachable implant on the elements that are necessary for the surgery and prosthesis implant labels, these traceability labels are double, triple and see the practitioner still retains the traces in your file. If you lose your book you can always call your doctor to find any element of your implants.
  • We must demand to book your implant surgeon will ask your implants, especially if it's a second practitioner who makes the prosthesis on your implants, so you can book with the implant link your implant surgery and prosthesis.
  • Dr. Richard Daunis.
  • Article written by the practitioner on 08/09/2014

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